Our Company

We Serve

Our business model means that each year more patients receive the ‘gold-standard’ treatments while the cost of these treatments for the payer is reduced.

We Develop

By advancing research and development, we are powering innovation to find new ways of delivering high-quality and affordable medicines.

We Produce

Our extensive manufacturing network and flagship sites in Prague and Bucharest represent a powerhouse for generic and OTC medicines.

We Care

We are proud that our people have a strong sense of entrepreneurship and responsibility.

Our History

Zentiva’s roots reach back 530 years to the Black Eagle Pharmacy, a small business that served the people of Prague.

Our Leadership Team

We want to make sure that our Company is managed by people who are properly selected based on their competency and skills.

Our Memberships

Zentiva is a proud member of Medicines for Europe. In many countries our affiliates are as well member of the local generics associations.