What are we all about?

At Zentiva we all sell, we all serve, we never give up.

We are a winning, learning and caring organization. We use our SuperpowerZ to #HelpZentivaWin in all conditions

Our Mission

At Zentiva, we are united by our common mission to help people live well through the development and supply of high quality, affordable, prescription medicines and consumer brands. Every pack of medicine that we deliver increases the number of patients receiving the best therapy for their medical needs, helps to increase healthcare standards and contributes to the sustainability of healthcare systems now and for the generations to come.

Our Values

At Zentiva, we are Fast, Responsible, Connected, Inclusive, Creative and Lean. We use our SuperpowerZ in all day to day tasks and interactions to make good choices, navigate challenges and truly make the difference, having pride in what we do.

Our Culture

We are Building a Winning Culture - creating a feeling of belonging and engagement. We provide a strong sense of purpose, meaningful recognition and opportunities to speak up. Everyone at Zentiva is contributing to a better future by continuously seeking, sharing and applying new knowledge and skills to improve both individual and organisational performance. We measure our engagement on a regular basis and we are proud that 100% of our UK employees are actively contributing to our annual Heartbeat Engagement survey.

Personal Growth

At Zentiva, we build our success on our people. We value the talent of every individual and aim to turn Talent into performance. Our Talent Management process allows employees to discover their strengths, define and articulate personal aspirations and actively explore developmental career opportunities. Support for development and growth is conducted in a transparent way as part of our Talent and Development Program.

Compensation and benefits

We provide a fair compensation and highly competitive employee benefits. We focus on rewarding and recognition of those who contribute the most to #HelpZentivaWin.

Flexible Working

We have a Winning Team and we want to ensure that all UK employees have the flexibility to perform their roles in a way that drives 100% business efficiency, whilst at the same time considering work-life balance and employee well-being.