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June 14, 2022    /    News


In response to the current situation in Ukraine, Zentiva UK spent six weeks completing the EveryMinuteMatterZ challenge to contribute toward Zentiva’s wider contribution to this worthy cause. Our 59 UK employees were split into six cross-departmental teams to raise awareness and fundraise for Zentiva’s international #WeHelpUkraine campaign.

At the start of each week, our teams were given weekly challenges such as Strava Art and weekly activity-minute targets. By the end of these six weeks, Zentiva UK recorded a massive 108,842 minutes of activity and raised €1,820.

This challenge encouraged colleagues to get away from their desks while working from home, go for a lunchtime walk and even pick up a new sport. Overall it is an excellent example of how Zentiva UK can group at a trying time while still having fun, demonstrate #caring, and become a more connected cross-functional teamwork.